Missional Training

Once in a while, we at CBWC Church Planting get to take part in learning opportunities with some of our Planters.

Hugh Halter shared recently at a Forge Canada workshop at Southside Community Church in Surrey, BC, with pastors and leaders from a variety of Lower Mainland Churches. The CBWC Church Planting ministry sponsored five people to share in the day.

Pastor/Evangelist/Author Hugh Halter lives in Denver with his wife, Cheryl, and his two daughters, Alli and McKenna. Hugh’s books include: The Tangible Kingdom, And – The Scattered And Gathered Church as well as his most recently published Sacrilege. He is the founder of Missio in Portland, OR, and is currently the lead pastor of Adullam (remember the caves where King David hung out…) in Denver, CO. He speaks extensively across the continent encouraging and equipping pastors in incarnational ministry and missional leadership.

Hugh’s topics of discussion included discipleship, leadership and living out missional community. Hugh’s relaxed yet passionate presentation style helped us to realize that behind the ecclesiology of Adullam community lies the heart of an evangelist with a firm grasp on his Christology.

We asked Hugh what he’s excited about these days. Here’s a short video:

You can read more about Adullam’s missional structure and vision on their website, or in any of Hugh’s books.


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