Church Planting and Resolute Mice

What do the smartest mouse in the world and Church Planters have in common? Check out this video.

mouse-mugWhen I think of many of the Church Planters I know lots of words come to mind: resourceful, stick-to-it, determined, faithful, overcomers.

Having to face all kinds of hurdles, obstacles, tests, trials, and challenges, Church Planters are risk-takers. They’re strong-minded, resolute, gritty and single-minded. Church Planters by nature tend to be unwavering, firm, dogged, untiring and at times heroic. Other words that come to mind are focused, unyielding, persistent, tenacious and uncompromising.

I’m often asked are Church Planters born or made… My answer is YES! I’m also quick to say that while many Church Planters are developed through schools and training centres they need to have many of the above attributes to be successful in reaching out and establishing new communities of faith.

God is moving, the world is coming and Western Canada is changing… It takes some very “wise mice” to hear what the Spirit is saying and respond with courage as opportunities arise!!

Tom Lavigne
Director of Church Planting – Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

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