Creating Welcoming Communities

Church Planting is all about creating communities of faith that welcome people home.

I was raised in a Catholic family, in a Catholic community – attending catechism and church regularly – trained as an altar boy and sensed God’s call on my life for ministry around the time I received my first communion… Unlike some I have no Catholic horror stories – we had a wonderful priest and a loving community that supported us in many ways.

TOm-Chris-masAfter several years of being away from a faith community I returned to Christ through the leading of friends in an evangelical Pentecostal church. I was welcomed, loved, mentored and discipled. Affirming God’s call to ministry I was trained in a Pentecostal Bible college and interned in one of their churches. I deeply appreciate and am thankful for the encouragement
and blessings I’ve received from the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies.

So, why am I a Baptist? Sensing God’s call to church planting, we joined with friends from different Christian experiences to create a community of faith where denominationalism was not a hindering factor. When our church plant looked at affiliating with a larger church family we looked for a group that would offer a healthy degree of autonomy as well as help us with ongoing support. We found a welcoming home with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC).

If you’re church planting and find yourself looking for a family of churches consider the CBWC and check out some reasons to join us in creating welcoming communities of faith in Western Canada.

Tom Lavigne, Director of Church Planting

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