Church Planters love to party!

Rev. Dr. Luis Pantoja had a dream… Pastor Cliff Gonzales has a dream… Pastor Tom Lavigne has a dream. The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada has a dream.

Together we are celebrating the unfolding of a dream in the mosaic of the West!

Luis Pantoja had a dream to see the vision of Greenhills Christian Fellowship Philippines translated into the culture of Western Canada. Pastor Pantoja, who passed away a short
while ago, lived to celebrate the birthing of the dream through a joint partnership between
GCF and the CBWC.

Pastor Cliff Gonzales, a veteran church planter, is celebrating the dream of planting Greenhills churches in every quadrant of the city of Calgary. See Greenhills Christian
Fellowship Calgary as they celebrate their second anniversary:

Tom Lavigne and the Canadian Baptists have a dream of seeing the growth of God’s kingdom, alleviating poverty and suffering, and the development of a new generation of Christian leaders and church planters. With 20 new churches and 30 developing projects we are seeing the dream unfold in Western Canada.

Join with us in the miracle and joy of new churches in the West. It’s worth celebrating!

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