16 Models and Counting

The Christian Reformed Church of North America suggests 16 methods of planting congregations. They provide pros and cons of each model and a brief explanation–I would definitely suggest reading through the list to spur some thoughts and conversation about planting.

oldest church building

Apparently the oldest Christian church building in existence. Armenia. How important is physical presence of a building in church planting?

Some of our CBWC Church Plants don’t fall under any of the 16 formats, nor does the church that my family was involved in planting 20 years ago. So how many models are there? And for the Baptist family, what should church plants look like?

Perhaps we should spend as much time considering the makeup of the community around us as we do the format of the community we are trying to create. What does a good Baptist church plant look like? It probably looks like the neighbourhood it’s called to.

But what other factors should we consider when thinking through a new church plant? What do you think needs to be prioritized in the creation of a new digit in the Body of Christ?

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