Dollars and Sense

This article was originally published in GO WEST! 2.9

I love all things Church Planting: praying, connecting, researching…I don’t even mind setting up, renting space in strange places or trying to raise funds to invest in the things God is doing.

However, when I look at the financial side of Church Planting these days I can get overwhelmed by all the ideas and resources out there, and it reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon.


Oh, how I miss Gary Larson, the legendary cartoonist who created The Far Side, a single-panel cartoon series that was syndicated internationally to over 900 newspapers for 15 years. The series ended with Larson’s retirement on January 1, 1995. His 23 books of collected cartoons have combined sales of more than 45 million copies. Gary had an incredible gift of making us laugh at some of the life’s great challenges.

Fundraising can strike fear into the heart of Church Planters. Some are good at it, some are not, many more are just left scratching their heads in frustration. There are all kinds of great resources out there–where do you begin to look? Here’s a resource worth checking out: Outreach Magazine’s page of ideas on marketing from some current planters including Paul Andrew, Damian Boyd, Aaron Graham and others.

At the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada we are committed to basic levels of funding for our Church Planters. As well, we offer Venture Partnerships with existing churches–thank you Westview Baptist, Bethel Baptist Sechelt, and others considering Venture. We’re also learning what Church Planting Co-operatives might look like and are excited about the possibilities of working collaboratively to start new churches (watch for a future article)…

We’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, successes and failures at financing and fundraising. It’s how we learn best.

Trusting and praying that Jehovah Jireh, the God whose provision is seen will bless you abundantly as we serve in the kingdom…until next time, “May I be excused? My brain is full.”

Tom Lavigne,
Director of Church Planting – Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

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