2012 GospelFest Concert

2012 GospelFest Concert

This August, Kelly Maurice and her team from Première Église Évangélique d’Expression Française de Calgary (PEEEFC) and other Calgary churches will be hosting the second annual GospelFest, with a vision to celebrate God through the arts and serve the community by bringing awareness and raising funds for charitable organizations.

Gospelfest is an outdoor Christian festival in Calgary that aims to bring God’s people together without barriers. Poetry and music from around the world spreads hope throughout the park, and funds are raised for ministries doing important work.

The very first Gospelfest concert took place August 25, 2012, and was a great success. The event had various bands playing music from gospel to contemporary Christian, and even in different languages. Over 250 people from various communities around Calgary gathered at Stanley Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to sing praise and listen to outstanding Christian music. The event was partnered with Samaritan’s Purse, who raised $4,000 for refugee camps in South Sudan.

This year, GospelFest will be taking place at the bowl in Prairie Winds Park (223 Castleridge Blvd, NE, Calgary AB) from 4 to 7pm on August 24. Kelly is hoping for more guests, and therefore needs more volunteers. There are several ways you and your church can participate in GospelFest, whether or not you are located in Calgary:

1. Pray. When the Gospel is shared, there’s bound to be backlash, but we know that the Holy Spirit is at work in people’s hearts. Pray for the details of the day like safety and good weather, but especially that people would come and would be touched by God’s good news.

2. Volunteer. Kelly and her crew will need volunteers for the day, especially for security, First Aid, and lost and found. Volunteers will be needed from as early as 10am until as late as 10pm. Contact Kelly if you can help or to organize sending a team from your church to Calgary for the weekend.

3. Donate. Any church or individual interested in sponsoring PEEEFC for the event can get in touch with Kelly to go over the brief GospelFest sponsorship presentation.

Kelly can be reached at kmaurministries@hotmail.ca or 403-903-2774.

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