Update from Family Camp

A few weeks ago, we shared the story of Greenhills Christian Fellowship in Calgary and their creative fundraisers for family camp. Here is an update from GCF, and a video that offers highlights from their time away together over the August long weekend.

What a way to spend the long weekend with your family in Christ!

This year’s family camp was another exciting experience! Held last August 2-5, 2013 at the Gull Lake Centre, Lacombe, it was attended by close to 95 people, including young children. The guest speaker, Pastor Jeremiah Abel of Abundant Life Ministries, spoke about the Holy Spirit and His work in the life of the believer.

The attendees were grouped into four : Red, Yellow, Orange and Blue Team. Each group was a mixture of adult and children members. This year, the members of each family  were put together in the same group.

The main competition was conceptualized  ”a la Amazing Race,” called Race to Grace, where a series of games, clues and tasks were assigned for each group to decipher and accomplish. Congratulations to the Orange Team for beating the other teams into finishing all tasks ahead of the others.

Family night on August 4th was another exciting event. Each team presented a skit with the objective of conveying the theme, “IGNITE!” into their presentations.

The children of Kids Camp learned about the different symbols of fire in the Scriptures : God’s Word, God’s Presence, God’s Power and the Holy Spirit. The kids were taught God’s Word according to the lesson planned, played games, did crafts, had storytelling and had a blast leading the congregation in worship on Sunday evening! They also presented a dance called, “Let Your Light Shine!” during the Family Night. All babies, toddlers and school-aged children were presented a certificate as a memory of the camp. It is the organizers’ desire for them to continue to be discipled in their homes.

Thank you to all who attended! Until the next camp.



Kudos to the organizers and praise God for this camp!

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