Multisite Churches: Here to Stay?

Pastor, researcher and church planter Ed Stetzer asks some good questions about planting multisite churches:

Are multisite churches really here to stay? Are multisite churches wise when it comes to accomplishing the mission of God? How can multisite church be done well?

Read his full article here. 

Here’s CBWC Church Planting Coordinator Shannon Youell’s perspective:

Ed Stetzer observed  that multi-site methodology and commitment to church planting are not necessarily exclusive of one another.   wonder (and hope) if part of the popularity in the surge of multi-site campuses is that people want to gather in the neighbourhoods they live, work and play in as this is their mission field.  Perhaps, as Stetzer determines, it has more to do with the focus than the methodology.
When our purpose for springing up places to gather for worship, discipleship, fellowship and encouragement is to prepare God’s people to join God in his mission to deliver his mercy, love, hope, healing, salvation, joy and justice, then I say let’s utilize the tools that are appropriate for our context.
What do you think?  We’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Multisite Churches: Here to Stay?

  1. I’ve been part of a multi-site “Church-Planting church” for the past 21 years. Having several congregations that share a budget, staff, and vision, but each have the freedom to be relevant to their neighbourhoods has meant that we have been able to do more in our communities together than we would have ever been able to do on our own.

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