Does Church Planting even Work?

By Cailey Morgan

As I was reflecting on my recent trip to Albania as part of Southside Community Church, I was reminded of how proud I am to be a part of a group that not only incarnates in its own neighbourhood but initiates in other continents as well.

And as someone who has been a part of Southside since it began—through the good times and a whole truckload of crap—I can tell you that church planting is possible, whether the vision is for a new congregation down the street or across the globe.

Photo: Dan Bennett

Sauk, Albania. Photo: Dan Bennett

God is at work in every nook and cranny of His beautiful, broken creation. We can’t always see what He’s up to, but if we ask Him, He’ll make us part of His mission to restore and recreate what has been mangled and distorted by sin.

Mind you, church planting is hard work, and will usually take longer than we want. We’ve been sowing and tending God’s field in Sauk, Albania, for over a decade and are just now beginning to see little buds of transformation emerging from the soil.

Sometimes I think God slows down church growth on purpose to help us as His people mature. He won’t give us heavier burdens than we can carry, but He also won’t give us more converts than we can disciple into spiritual depth and leadership. But that’s the great part. It’s God’s mission. It’s His love that we are to share with the world. It’s His joy that gives us strength.

So will you consider asking Him what’s He’s up to on your block? In your church? In that tiny country on the other side of the world you’ve always been curious about? I bet we’d be surprised by what He says.

We’d love to hear where God is taking you and if we can help you get there. Post a comment here on this blog, or email me or Shannon Youell (Church Planting Coordinator) at

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