To Build or Not to Build? Share your thoughts!

By Ron Orr, Alberta Regional Church Planting Director

CBWC has a goal to see new churches planted in the communities of our country. Jesus sent us into the world to proclaim the best and most important news that anyone can ever hear. We are to disciple, set things in order and appoint elders (Titus 1:5) that they might teach, exhort and assemble the people.

However, very few churches have the vision or the resolve to reproduce themselves. This is especially troublesome in Alberta where new subdivisions are springing up in all the major cities. Developers don’t see the need for new churches, so the majority of new subdivisions have no land set aside for houses of faith.

Calgary, AB. Photo: Michael Gil

Calgary, AB. Photo: Michael Gil

We need a new strategy. Perhaps this means getting involved in city planning and purchasing land for new church lots.

Or perhaps we need to consider alternatives in church planting that don’t rely so heavily on the traditional church building.

Either way, God’s Church will grow. And I, for one, would like to be part of the process.

We need your opinion: what would be the best way to plant a new church in your neighbourhood? Click “Add a Comment” below to share your thoughts.

1 thought on “To Build or Not to Build? Share your thoughts!

  1. DO NOT build!! There are enough empty schools and commercial buildings around now, not to mention a number of churches closed by a few mainline denominations that are all great places to be used. There are a few churches such as West Village Church meeting in large theaters, this is such a great idea because all the decorating is done and very comfy seats provided. I dont believe it is wise use of God’s money to pay mortgage interest when there are so many people in our neighborhoods and internationally going without.

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