Good Reads

by Cailey Morgan

I’ve been trying to find some books that might be a help to our CBWC church plants and encourage those considering a new work. However, neighbourhood mission and church multiplication are extremely context-bound, making it always a struggle to offer models and frameworks that would help everyone.

6365101775_3eef9a5c39_zThat being said, we can always learn from the examples and ideas of others. JR Woodward of the V3 Church Planting movement has compiled a list of his top ten books on church planting, and I’ll list them here.

But what do you think? Can you provide feedback on any of these books? Or what other voices should be part of this conversation?

Click here for Woodward’s full post which includes commentary on each work selected.

Check back next week to find out how to get a church planting book for free!

2 thoughts on “Good Reads

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