Keep Connected

Because of Canada’s wide geography, we don’t often get to connect in person with our CBWC family.

However, there are other ways to build these great relationships, including some simple things we can do right on this blog!

1. Can we pray for you? God’s Kingdom is advancing, and one way we can join in is through prayer. Please send us your prayer requests that we will post on our prayer page so friends across Western Canada can be praying with you. And don’t forget praise points too!

2. Send us your photos and videos. We’d love to share what’s been happening in your ministry and community. Visuals like photos and videos are a great way for you to bring us into your context so we can celebrate God’s work. Email Cailey ( the files, or ask her about where to upload them on Dropbox.

3. Join the conversation on the blog by making comments on our articles and resources, or by offering your own articles, rants, or resources to publish. We want to hear from you!

1 thought on “Keep Connected

  1. As you may know Broadway-First Baptist in Winnipeg is welcoming Shalom Christian Outreach to our church as a church plant. We are excited to hold our first official service together on Nov 16th. There will be pictures to send and more info after that time. Rev. Joe Welty has been working with Pastor Shadrack Mutabazi from DRC (see “Making Connections” Sept 30 issue) who completed his degree at CMU. Please pray for this exciting opportunity that Broadway-First is participating in.

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