How to Get a Free Book!

On our CBWC website, we have a collection of reviews on various books. This list is a great tool when deciding what to read.

We want to offer a similar resource on this blog, but we need your help! If you’re willing to write a 250-500 word review on a book relevant to church planting, we’ll send you a copy of that book free!

jumpHere’s how it works:

1. Select a book you’d like to review. You can check out V3’s top ten church planting list, ask Shannon for ideas, or make your own suggestion.

2. Let us know what you’d like to read and review. If the book seems to fit our ethos, we’ll send you a copy at no charge.

3. Read and write! Email your review to Cailey at, with a photo of yourself reading the book.

4. We’ll post the review here so others can participate in the conversation as well.

Questions? Ready to get started? Email Cailey ( or Shannon ( today!

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