Good Reads Continued

By Shannon Youell

I am a voracious reader and an insatiable learner. I find that in every book I read, I learn something and I find the same in almost every conversation I have. I may not agree or even like everything I am reading or hearing, but there just always seems to be something of value to glean and/or to challenge my thinking if I just read/listen with an open mind.

Several of our blog readers jumped at the opportunity to be sent a book from the suggested list to read and review, and I am so looking forward to those reviews. I am praying that each reviewer reads with an open mind even to challenging ideas. I have not read a lot of those books, but even in the ones I have, there are treasures and there are things to ruminate on and consider.

Here are a few more that I have read and would recommend you trying too. Each one had something of value in my journey of growing in understanding and passion for “gospel planting” (I think I’ve found my term!!). Let’s see what you think?
If you would like to read and write a review/report of the following or from the list posted a few weeks ago, please contact me and we will be send you the book directly from my local book store. And if you have a book about gospel planting, engaging your community beyond the walls of our meeting spaces, missional communities, discipleship as a journey of discipling disciples who then disciple who then disciple, then let us know so we can read it as well!

Try one of these on us:

Happy reading and learning!

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