What to Look Forward to in 2015

by Cailey Morgan

Happy New Year!

I can tell you that all of us at CBWC Church Planting are anticipating great movement in 2015. We are thrilled to now have a staff presence in each of our 3 regions. We are digging deep into what church planting means and how to offer the best support to our existing church plants, but also equip new planters and help all churches in our CBWC family realize their potential for multiplication.

This excitement will be spilling onto our blog as well. You can look forward to–and participate in–these three new developments:

  1. Book Reviews: In the fall, we launched a book review initiative wherein anyone willing to read and review a book for this blog will receive that book for free. The book reports will be trickling in soon, and will be posted throughout the year as a resource for you.

    By the way: this offer is still open, so email me today (cmorgan@cbwc.ca) to get your book!

  2. Philosophy and Action: Shannon, Joell, Ron and I really are grappling with the philosophy behind church planting and how to best express and live out God’s plan for the growth of His Kingdom through local communities of His people. We’re engaging these issues through the Scriptures as well as seminars and books from people who have gone before us, so you can expect some of our conclusions–and certainly many of our questions–to appear throughout the year.

    Please, please enter these conversations with us! Your input is crucial.

  3. Ministry Photos and Mini-Updates: This element is where we really need your help. It is such an encouragement to see and hear what churches and people are up to in ministry, and I love sharing these types of stories on our blog. However, we don’t know the stories even exist unless you tell us! I’m always accepting photo and/or story submissions, and am even available to help you craft your article if it’s helpful.

Thanks for your readership and participation!

Give me a call (604.420.7646) or email (cmorgan@cbwc.ca) to discuss anything I mentioned here.

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