Vancouver Leadership Forum–Feb 12

You Lower Mainland folk: Here’s a note from Dawn Johannesson about our next Leadership Forum for CBWC church leaders. It’s a free event and we’d love you to participate with us. Please email Dawn ( or me ( if you have questions. ~Cailey

The next Leadership Forum will be on Thursday, February 12th at Trinity Baptist in Vancouver beginning with dinner at 6pm (5:45pm for you early birds).  The meal is complimentary.

We are delighted that Tim Colborne, pastor of Broadmoor Baptist Church will be our presenter that evening…and Marilyn Chan (Tim’s Associate at Broadmoor) will lead us in worship.

  • What does the spiritual journey look like in the midst of depression and mental illness?
  • What language can we who journey with mental illness use to understand our spiritual experience?
  • Is there a way forward for any of us when broken?
  • We will talk about these things and how the church can learn to walk alongside the depressed and mentally ill.

Please share this with your congregation/board members/leadership and friends…as this topic will touch and speak to many who are affected by depression and mental illness.

Thanks, and please rsvp to me when you can.


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