Checking in with Mill Bay

Mill Bay Baptist Fellowship is a CBWC church that was planted a few years ago on Vancouver Island. They recently purchased a piece of property and have begun preliminary work on the grounds. Pastor Norm Sowden sends this update:

Happy New Year!

DSCN3097Thanks for all your support and encouragement…On Dec. 29 we had a work bee/party at our new church property. You can see it was a beautiful day from the pictures! So much fun and great fellowship. A really ‘community builder’ to end the year on!

DSCN3092We are so thrilled to have a ‘youth explosion’ in our church family…Rev. Tammy Klassen is coming on board as Pastor of Family Ministries at just the right time.

We are also looking forward to spring and the opportunity to put the tents back up and enjoy our ‘home in the wilderness for God’s people’ on a more regular basis. Since we have grant support from the CBWC Foundation we can move forward with our Community Garden and the youth activity area in the very near future.

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