Is Your Church Pregnant?

By Joell Haugan

I can’t say I’ve ever been asked that question but, when considering that a church that plants another church is often called the “mother church” and the new church called the “daughter church,” it makes sense that, somewhere along the way, the mother church was great with child and then, even before that, was considering how nice it would be to grow the family. 8520189541_fe65f495ff_k

I can imagine the conversation at the board meeting when someone asks, “where do church plants come from?” Perhaps the response started out, “well, when a church loves Jesus very much…”

Having little church babies around is a sign that the family is functioning properly. It’s true that not every couple has babies, and there aren’t new churches being spawned from every single church. However, the percentage should be somewhat higher.

Like, a lot higher.

So, maybe it’s time for this awkward question to be asked at your next board/membership meeting: “should we be having a baby?” If the answer is yes, then we can help! It really does start with wanting to grow the family.

I can’t wait to see your congregation’s baby bump.

Rev. Joell Haugan is the CBWC Church Planting Director for the Heartland Region and Pastor of Community Baptist Church in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. He can be reached at

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