The Power of Partnerships

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by Shannon Youell

 We labour not for our own benefit but for the benefit of the world around us that do not yet know the liberation of Christ in the midst of everyday life here on earth.

444874447_41ec92065a_bThe beginning of a new year often has us looking back at where we’ve been, so we can look forward to where we would like to go. Last year our CBWC community worked hard at inspiring us and reminding us of the value and power of working together.

For me, as a person who loves working in collaborative efforts and doesn’t really enjoy being a lone ranger, this rang strong and powerfully in my soul.

Along these lines, we are so glad that 2015 finds your Church Planting team complete with the addition of Joell Haugan as director for the Heartland region! We are excited to begin working together as a full team and expectant of the opportunities God has for each and everyone of us in the places and spaces where we live, work, play and pray.

Your Church Planting Team is working towards seeing 2015 the year where our whole CBWC community engages and participates in working together in the arena of church planting and this is your invitation to join in the power of partnering!

Here are a few ways your worship community can partner directly with a plant:

  1. God is the sending God. We have been commissioned to go make disciples… know and obey everything Jesus teaches. Talk to us about how we can inspire and resource your community to consider what a new community of disciples might look like in your midst. This can often be the catalyst for a new church plant.
  2. Venture with us. We have new communities right now looking for you to partner with them. We are expanding Venture Partnerships so that every one of us can be involved in them! A Venture Partnership (VP) is a partnership between a church plant and an established church that commits to financially, prayerfully support the new plant community. You might say you are the fertilizer that supports and feeds the plant to be able to grow strong and deep and wide. This is a year-to-year commitment of a monthly pledge of support ranging anywhere from $100.00 a month to $500.00 per month. Venture Partnerships come alongside CBWC support and each new church’s own resources to share in the work of expanding God’s kingdom.
  3. And finally, option 3: pray! Pray about which option, 1 or 2 that your church community will venture into!

To further the conversation, call us, or email us and let’s begin the amazing journey of partnering and co-labouring in the work of God around us! Also watch for my upcoming blog article on this same theme at Join the conversation on this blog to build lively thoughtful community around discipleship, mission, the great commission, the great commandment and other kingdom talk!

Get in touch:

  • Shannon Youell, Executive Coordinator and BCY Director:
  • Ron Orr, Alberta Director:
  • Joell Haugan, Heartland Director:
  • Cailey Morgan, Communications Coordinator:

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