They have Walked the Same Mile

CBWC Church Plant God’s House of Many Faces recently welcomed a Californian church group for a week of evangelism in Vancouver. During this time, several people came to faith.



Here is a poetic response to the Lord’s work from a person who has been part of the God’s House community for 3 years and finally prayed to receive Jesus:

I felt a little off at first
Introducing myself at my worst
But it was in meeting them that I found
That my own barriers and beliefs were made bound
It was too much pain that I kept behind my smile
But in my shoes, I realized they have walked the same mile
The stories that run parallel, we are the same kind
So I then took that as a sign
The testimonies of each of you
From the outside, I would not have any clue
But the first moment I received prayer
I felt relief for you understood my heart
Then another came to me and prayed as well
told me my bipolar does not define my health
The chaos and the hell that I felt
I now repel
As you shared your tears of love
Was it the Holy Spirit from above?

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