Update on the Ministry Centre

I thought I’d share with you a bit of news that is happening right here in the Ministry Centre where I have my office.  Once the home of a dying congregation, this facility now houses four churches, the Journey Home Community, a Chinese school and several other rental groups–as well as our CBWC BC-Y Regional Office and Church Planting Office.

The following article is part of a Century II Campaign to raise funds for the facility, but I really just hope you’ll read it to expand your imagination on how we use church buildings in community for the sake of the Kingdom! ~ Cailey

Living Hope Fellowship is a congregation in Burnaby, BC, that meets every Sunday and throughout the week in the Royal Oak Ministry Centre (a CBWC co-operative). Living Hope started in January 1996 and since then has been growing into the ethnically-diverse and community-serving congregation of 180 people that they are today.

Through the Ministry Centre co-operative, Living Hope shares the building with their partner church, Greenhills Christian Fellowship (a CBWC Church Plant), as well as half a dozen rental groups including two other churches. Living Hope uses about half of the facility every Sunday.

The Old Kitchen

The Old Kitchen

This co-operative partnership continues to be a great opportunity to share resources with GCF (and many other rental groups from the community). However, GCF has almost exclusive use of the one working kitchen in the building, so Living Hope and rental groups have been limited in options for preparing food and sharing meals on a Sunday.

In order to better facilitate ministry through hospitality, Living Hope is planning an upgrade of the second kitchen (built circa 1959). This kitchen is currently in need of an oven (and a ventilation system for it), range, dishwasher and replacement refrigerator.

The renovation that is planned will also upgrade the walls of the adjoining fellowship room. It is currently used for Sunday School space, Mandarin language classes, community meetings, and church meals. With a functioning kitchen and fellowship space, the congregation hopes to increase the use of this space for existing and growing ministries.

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2 thoughts on “Update on the Ministry Centre

  1. Alta Vista Baptist Church (which is now Royal Oak Ministry Center) was the church I began attending at six years old. It was my home, my safe place; I was baptized there, went to BLTS from there-came back, met and married my husband there. With my marriage, I moved away, my parents also moved away and so, after a short time, we never returned to visit. Yes the congregation changed, faded but I don’t think it died; maybe it just dispersed. Part of that congregation is alive and well and living in Fort St John, BC. My husband is senior pastor here and I am a bible study leader and also church secretary; which is how I got this email and now know now my old church has changed yet continues to be a place to encounter God. illene Hayes (nee Braiden)

    • Thanks Illene for your thoughts. Indeed, God did some great work through Alta Vista and the people who were part of that community continue to live wonderful lives of faith across BC and probably the world. My parents met there as teenagers, so without Alta Vista, I might not even exist! I think it took a lot of courage and wisdom for the Royal Oak Church to say, “This is the end of an era, let’s move aside and see what new will grow.” I guess that’s what I meant by “died,” more of a metaphor of letting go to allow something new to flourish. ~Cailey

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