Heartland Update

By Joell Haugan

Church planting is a tough job. The hours are long. The pay is short. The rewards can often far and few between…but it is always a joy when you are able to bring new folks into membership, which is exactly what I had the joy of observing at Greenhills Christian Fellowship in Winnipeg. Pastor Reymus introduced three new members that morning!

(right to left: Janina Sambilay, Rani Sambilay. Karl Apostol and Pastor Reymus)

(right to left: Janina Sambilay, Rani Sambilay. Karl Apostol and Pastor Reymus)

Membership for Christians is akin to marriage for lovers. It is that point in your Christian life that you publicly announce your love and your commitment to the local church. And, make no mistake, local churches are built on the folks who are committed to the cause of Christ, committed to building intimacy with Christ and with his people (the other church folk!).

Pray for the Greenhills gang as they continue to minister to their community of Filipinos in Winnipeg. Every day in Winnipeg three families arrive from the Philippines to take up residence and now over 60,000 Filipinos call Winnipeg home! Pray for our work at Greenhills and at our two other Filipino congregations (The Maples Evangelical Church with Pastor Lorenzo Sallong and Filipino Evangelical Church and Pastor Roslyn Pamplona). Pray for our Filipino churches in Winnipeg!

All over Canada we are seeing the nations coming to us. In the olden days of missions we needed to go to them, taking great expense and much time. But, today, the nations are coming to us! Church planting is missions right here at home.  Missions to those who are new to our country, to those who are long time residents, and those who are the original inhabitants.

Will you join us?

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