Carey Comes to You

Carey Institute BannerDid you know that the Carey Institute will design resource seminars specifically for your church and its context? Check out the seminars they have already developed, or contact Myrna Sears at or to discuss your ideas for encouraging and equipping God’s people in your area. There are lots of great training opportunities taking place in Calgary, Vancouver or online with the Carey Institute this fall. Sign up today!

Sept. 19 Carey On The Road: Introduction to World Religions – Irving Hexham @ First Baptist Church Calgary

Oct. 3 Transitions of Life – Paul Pearce @ First Baptist Church Vancouver

Oct. 5-7 Introduction to Preaching (Credit & Audit- MDiv)

Oct. 24 Building Blocks for Faith-Based ESL Ministry – Carey

Oct. 28 WEDNESDAY: Complex Communities: Concepts and Tools for Better Conflict – Darren Hotte @ Carey

Oct. 31 Growing In Faith Through Worship – Carey

Nov. 2 Advent Video Series – Darrell Johnson Online

Nov. 14 Work Matters: Serving God and Neighbour Monday to Friday Paul Stevens @ Carey

Nov. 18 WEDNESDAY Preaching Workshop – Darrell Johnson @ Carey

Nov. 21 Discerning God’s Voice: Making Life Decisions With God – Rob Des Cotes @ Carey

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