Westside Story of Transformation

Westside Baptist in Vancouver, BC, believes that God is transforming their hearts and community all throughout the year, but set aside almost two months this summer to focus in and grow in deep ways. Their 50 Days of Transformation campaign, which began on July 12 and just finished August 30, encouraged people to set spiritual goals and develop habits throughout the seven weeks.WBC23+group+pic+fun(1)

Pastor Gladys Tsang believes that sometimes it just takes intentionality and working together to bring about growth. “The main purpose is to encourage congregants to grow in the same direction,” she says. “We try to encourage and provide a positive environment to nurture growth. But it’s up to the individuals to make the effort.”

The campaign, based on curriculum from Saddleback Church in California, focused on seven aspects of transformation:

  • Spiritual growth.
  • Physical growth.
  • Mental growth.
  • Emotional growth.
  • Relational growth.
  • Financial growth.
  • Vocational growth.

Besides hearing Sunday sermons, the whole church also gathered on Friday nights to watch video lessons or listen to mini-talks before splitting up to small group discussions. Each participant received a booklet to use for sermon and discussion notes, as well as for journalling throughout the week with the hopes of being able to track the progress of the seven aspects of growth in the individual and congregation.

Pastor Gladys says, “Spiritual growth is not something so tangible and measurable. It does not come automatic, nor within a short period of time. And we all know it’s the Lord that makes us grow.”

Pray with the Westside leaders that each person’s new habits and goals would continue and lead to life-changing growth.

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