You Can Help! Shalom Christian Outreach Update

by Joell Haugan, Heartland Church Planting Director

Shadrack Mutabazi. Not exactly a “Canadian” sounding name (if there is such a thing) and, sure enough, Shadrack and his family are new to Canada and have started a multi-cultural African church in downtown Winnipeg. They currently meet at Broadway-First Baptist on Sunday afternoons and any church mouse that happened to stick around for the morning service and then the afternoon one would think they’re in a different church. Well, they kind of are.

Shalom Christian Outreach is raucous, long and a wonderful experience! I was blessed to join them for a service in May and, for the first time in my life, was chided after my 30 minute sermon for not being long enough!

Joell and Shadrack

Joell and Shadrack

The congregation is comprised of both recent and long time immigrants to Canada. In some cases, they are just getting themselves established, taking on multiple jobs to make ends meet. As such, this group is still quite dependent on help from other CBWC churches.

Broadway-First Baptist in Winnipeg graciously provides Shadrack with administrative support and a venue for Shalom. However, taking care of providing for the health and pension benefits for Shadrack isn’t within their reach, which is where we come in! We are looking for congregations to be Venture partners with Shadrack and Shalom and contribute to this specific area of need on a one time or monthly bases.

If your congregation (or individuals) would be willing to partner in this way then get in touch with me ( and we’ll make it happen! This is a great way to be directly involved in church planting.

CORRECTION:  I incorrectly indicated that Shadrack’s pastoral salary is from Broadway-First Baptist. While Broadway-First does handle the bookkeeping, and does host the congregation, Shadrack is supported by tithes from the Shalom congregation directly.

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