Encouraging Church Health and Renewal

You may have heard already, but Sam’s appointment as Church Health Strategist is such a blessing so I wanted to make sure everyone knows about this resource. He offers great tools for churches in many situations. ~Cailey

The CBWC is excited and grateful to announce that Sam Breakey has been appointed as our Church Health Strategist.  Sam will support churches by providing a comprehensive process of consultation, renewal and ministry review tailored to individual church congregations.

Sam BreakeySam’s appointment is part of the CBWC’s long-standing commitment to encouraging church renewal.  Since 1874, when the first congregation of what is now the CBWC opened its doors in Winnipeg, we have been resourcing churches in their health and mission through providing resources and church planting.  Regional Ministers in recent decades have worked directly with churches to encourage evangelism, youth ministry, children and family ministry and to provide models of  best practices in governance, finance, pastoral services and conflict resolution.   With our new Church Health Strategist, we can do more to resource local churches going through a transition or visioning process.

Adding Sam to our ministry team means that resources available to churches can now be tailored to the knowledge, understanding and needs of each local congregation that avails themselves of this new resource.

For churches that want to maximize their health, Sam will facilitate a Church Health Engagement Process, either in person or by designating a two-person team of CBWC leaders and pastors who are trained in church health.  The three-part process will involve the use of:

  • phone interviews and adaptable assessment tools will be used to create a preliminary report
  • an onsite weekend visit by a church health team to discuss the church’s history, strengths, opportunities and limitations with the congregation
  • development of a strategy as a measuring stick for moving forward

The expected outcomes of the Church Health Engagement Process include:

  • an increased level of transparency and trust within the congregation
  • a new willingness to respond to opportunities
  • a recommitment to evangelism and discipleship
  • a better understanding of the assets and needs of the church community.I

In some cases, further followup from the Regional Minister or from Sam and the facilitation team may be desired.

Because of the CBWC’s tight budget, the cost of the Church Health Engagement Process must be borne currently by participating congregations.

Sam is well known to CBWC churches.  Over the past 20 years, he has developed considerable experience in the area of church health as a Lead Pastor, as a former Alberta Regional Minister and as the Executive Director of Mustard Seed, Edmonton. Previously he served with Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec and the Presbyterian Church in Canada. He oversaw the two year intentional transition of one of the largest Baptist congregations in western Canada, as Lead Pastor.

He is passionate about helping people and organizations examine their health and their context, while empowering them to move towards a robust future, fully dependent upon Jesus Christ.

Sam and his wife Nancy were married in 1981.  Nancy teaches instrumental music at Hardisty School in Edmonton. They have three married children and three grandchildren. When Sam has free time, he focuses on family life, building furniture, and renovating their home and cabin.  Frequently he can be found helping his neighbours doing the same.

Sam will be based in the CBWC’s Edmonton office but available to all CBWC congregations across Western Canada.  Contact Sam at sbreakey@cbwc.ca or contact your Regional Minister to find out more about the Church Health Engagement Process.

This article was originally published in CBWC’s Making Connections enewsletter. Subscribe to Making Connections here.

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