Booster Cables and New Churches

I had an old car in high school–a Mercury Meteor–that had a bad habit of not starting. I had booster cables at the ready and had resigned myself to either leaving it running all the time or parking in such a fashion as to ensure easy access to the battery.

One day after school, to my great surprise, it started. I was so excited that I threw it into reverse to get out of my spot and promptly ran into a Chevette parked behind me. The Meteor had a broken tail light. The Chevette was almost a write off with a huge dent in the hood and front bumper.


Church planting in the Heartland, this past year, has felt like that old Meteor. We just can’t seem to get new things started. We’ve got some wonderful works in progress and some church plants that are moving to full independence after their initial plantings.  However, some new opportunities have not been able to start. Even with booster cables.

Shalom in Winnipeg under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Shadrack Mutabazi is our only official church plant at the moment. They are graciously hosted by Broadway-First Baptist in Winnipeg.

Many congregations in the Heartland are considering being involved in church planting either directly through starting another congregation in an area nearby, or by joining the Venture program to directly support a new or ongoing church planting work. Either way is wonderful!

Contact me with questions or suggestions!


Joell Haugan, Heartland Church Planting Director

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