Musqueam Church Plant Begins

This article is from CBWC’s monthly newsletter Making Connections. 

When Tad Inboden moved from Ohio to Vancouver so he and his wife Nicole could study at Regent College, he had no idea what God would have in store for him.

They’ve now both completed their Master’s Degrees, but Tad would tell you it’s not just what you study but who meet along the way that can direct your path for the future.

One person Tad met at school is Jonathan Lee, a driven businessman and marketplace pastor.

“I met Jonathan for the first time at Regent,” says Tad. “During that time, Jonathan was pastoring and running several businesses, one of which was a golf shop located in the Musqueam Golf & Learning Academy. As our relationship developed, Jonathan expressed to me his desire to initiate innovative ways to bring about Gospel renewal on the Musqueam First Nations reserve. The initial simmering of this brief conversation eventually boiled over into several meetings wherein Jonathan articulated his dreams for a church plant.”

Over 650 members of the Musqueam people group live on a small portion of traditional territory in southern Vancouver, known as the Musqueam Indian Reserve. Jonathan knows many members of the Musqueam community through his work at the golf course, and has a heart to be and see the active love of Jesus visibly and tangibly in the community.

Tad caught the contagious vision, and he and some other Regent friends, James Lim from Singapore, Rajan Mathew from India and Austin Stevenson from the United States, gathered together for forty days of pre-dawn prayer to hear God’s heart and voice for the community, as well as joining in with regular worship and prayer nights already present and led by Musqueam followers of Jesus.

Leadership Team

During this time, God broke each of them of their preconceived notions and clearly called them to be with the people: work with them, worship with them, learn from them.

Says Tad: “In this community, we are called to be an irreplaceable agent for drawing people into an encounter with Jesus Christ by embodying a reconciled and redeemed community.”

April held their first gathering–a Sunday evening meal and worship time. In early May, Tad and his team met with the BC-Yukon Regional Advisory Team as a step towards joining the CBWC as a Church Community in Process, under the working name Southlands Church.

Since then, the team have been processing how to best express themselves as a church in the midst of the complex social history between the Christianity and First Nations people in Canada. Pray for Tad, Nicole, and the whole team as they listen to God and discern how to share His love in this neighborhood. And watch and listen for God stories to come as they discover with the Musqueam people’s team where God is already at work and looking for them all to join Him!

To learn more about this new work or to support a Church Plant through a Venture Partnership, contact Church Planting Director Shannon Youell at

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