Upcoming Seminars at Carey

Carey Institute wants to equip you and your church. Here are some of the upcoming seminars in Vancouver and Saskatoon. Get in touch with Carey to discuss having training brought to your location!


Jesus Has a Word for Your Church: Preaching Revelation 1-3 with Dr. Darrell Johnson | Carey Centre, Vancouver | April 27
In the first three chapters of Revelation, Jesus speaks to seven congregations on the land mass we now call Turkey, delivering a message about Who He is, what He knows about us, what He is calling us to do, and what He promises those who obey Him. The goal of this seminar is for each of us to have a greater ability to discern what Jesus is saying to the church in our time, and in particular, to each of the churches He calls us to serve.

unnamed(2).jpgHome Based Marriage Mentoring with Randy Hamm | Carey Centre, Vancouver BC | April 30
This seminar is intended for church leaders and lay couples who are in ‘healthy’, authentic Christian marriages and are willing to open their hearts and homes to other couples. In this one-day training, Randy Hamm will provide a sustainable church and family-based model where you will learn the basics of mentoring:

How to set up your home as a safe place for couples to learn from you as marriage mentors
How to journey alongside couples in several areas (including communication, conflict resolution, financial management, sexuality, cross cultural, leisure, spirituality, family of origin).


Mental Wellness &the Church with Dr. Sandra Wong, Dr. James Holmlund & Dr. Paul Pearce | Carey Centre, Vancouver BC | May 7
We all experience a range of emotions and concerns in our daily lives, often trying to deal with them privately and rarely discovering how the church can be a resource for wellness within the context of our life together as followers of Jesus. In this seminar we will discuss the role of faith and the potential of the church to provide better care and support for individuals living with mental health issues and their caregivers.

unnamed(4).jpgPreaching Hebrews with Dr. Darrell Johnson | Emmanuel Baptist Church, Saskatoon SK | May 18
There is no doubt that the letter, the sermon, we call ‘Hebrews,’ is a challenge to preach! But there is also no doubt that it needs to be preached! Disciples of Jesus at this time in history need to know and need to see the Jesus of Hebrews: the One Who is at once fully human and fully God. Join us for a full-day seminar, listening to this magnificent sermon, and learning how we can then preach its incomparable message.

unnamed(5).jpgBlessed are the Peacemakers: Concepts & Tools for Better Conflict with Darrin Hotte
| Carey Centre, Vancouver BC | May 28
Conflict is one of the most prevalent and destructive realities in Christian communities. Every year relationships are broken, congregations are split, and people are damaged -all due to conflict that was handled poorly. However, there is hope! This seminar will offer participants practical insights and strategies to increase their capacity for effective biblical peacemaking.

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