Road Trip!

By Joell Haugan

There are many expressions of church multiplication that we at CBWC Church Planting are here to support. Would you think through these questions and consider how we could move forward together?

  1. Multiplying your Church: Does your church have a vision of multiplying? What might that look like in your own community? Checking to see if a church is actively planting or wanting to plant from their own congregation and how we at CBWC Church Planting can help.
  1. Joining with Others: Are you assessing if they’d be willing to join in with other churches (perhaps in your immediate vicinity) to plant a church? There are many ways this can be accomplished and CBWC Church Planting would love to help!
  1. Venture Partnerships: Church plants in the Heartland, Alberta and BC areas need all of us to encourage and partner with them in prayer and financial support so they can bring the Gospel to the folk around them. Together we plant churches and CBWC is committed to seeing the kingdom of God expand but it takes all of us to raise up and support our kids!
  1. Affiliations: You are likely aware of other church groups meeting in your town or city that are independent and would appreciate a family to partner with them so they are not labouring alone. CBWC exists to resource and encourage churches in the hard work of ministry and we want to have open arms to those who would join us.
  1. Planters: Are there folks within the churches (on in your sphere of influence) who might be candidates for becoming a church planter and need investing in? I’d be happy to arrange meeting with them to initiate a conversation.

Over the next couple of months, Shannon and Cailey will be fleshing out each of these five areas in upcoming blog articles.


This May, I’m hopping in my car and road tripping to visit every Heartland church. My hope is to connect with the pastors, board members and missionally-passionate folk in your churches about involvement in Church Planting and evangelism. I’m hoping to get a broad perspective on the state of multiplying church expressions  in the area and encouraging increased involvement on the five fronts I’ve mentioned.

So, Heartlanders, see you in May!


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