Book Reviews: How you can get involved

At the Banff Pastors Conference in 2014, CBWC’s Church Planting ministry launched an initiative in which a pastor could receive a book in exchange for reviewing that book for the church planting blog. Since then, the program has stretched to include any readers of the blog, and many helpful and thoughtful reviews have been shared.

All of these book reviews are available on the Church Planting blog at, including analyses of Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways, Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird’s Viral Churches, and Timothy Paul Jones’ Family Ministry Field Guide. Many of the reports focus on church planting books and other missional community minded books. Others review guides or textbooks that church planters, and in fact, all believers serving in local congregations, will benefit from.

A most helpful element of the reviews is their honesty. Some readers reported that they loved their assigned book, as in with this reviewer: “You are right. The book is great. I’m having trouble putting it down; about 1/3 through it already.”

Mark Archibald

However, others found it important to share their negative experiences as well: “I was deliberating about whether to tell it like it is or to sugar-coat. I decided to be honest with what I feel the Lord would have me share. I hope it is of some benefit to someone.”

And some readers are just in it for the freebies: “Can I do another one in 2016? I am addicted to free books.”

There are still books available to be reviewed in 2016, such as the following:

If you would like to read and review one of these books, or have another book in mind that would benefit readers of the Church Planting blog, email Cailey at


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