Join the Momentum

By Shannon Youell

This past spring Heartland Area Church Planting Director Joell Haugan went on a road trip posing five ways to join the momentum and participate in what God is doing in new and existing communities around us.

I am going to tackle those five vehicles so our whole tribe can share in the fun! Today we will discuss the first: Joining with Others.

Joining with Others

Joining is one of those words that speaks of two or more things coming together. Here’s one dictionary’s definition:

  1. To put or bring together so as to make continuous or form a unit
  2. To put or bring into close association or relationship:  join forces.
  3. To meet and merge with: where the creek joins the river.
  4. To become a part or member of
  5. To come into the company of: joined the group.
  6. To participate with in an act or activity
  7. To adjoin: where the garage joins the house.
  8. To engage in; enter into

Church planting can be a lonely endeavor! But it shouldn’t be. It should be something every one of us who consider ourselves devoted followers of Jesus joins in to. We are a tribe together (after all one or two don’t really make a tribe) and by that alone we are joined and in so doing we have joined forces to have greater we-impact in the places and spaces where Christ has not yet been revealed in people’s lives and in our communities. We join with Christ in this work and in many areas our work is continuous as we do the same work inviting faith, acting in mercy and cultivating leaders.


In definition number three, to meet and merge, the example is that place where the creek joins the river. The smaller creeks flow down into the larger body of water and that body of water has more power and strength because of it. Each one of our trickles feed rivers when we join together and support the work of the kingdom of God.  Those rivers can only become deeper and wider and further because of the joining of all the smaller creeks.

When the creeks dry up, the river becomes shallow and unable to support the life that is dependent along its shores and in its depths.

For many of our churches, the very idea of active participation in multiplying is overwhelming due to their size and resources, but if several of us joined forces and merged resources together, then our gospel imaginations are our only limitation!

We are a family of various-sized congregations across Western Canada.  Pray and ask God to reveal where He would like you and your congregation to join the flow of opening up the dams to the living waters offered by Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Join the Momentum

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