CBWC’s New Ministry Priorities

By Cailey Morgan

At the CBWC Online Assembly last week, Executive Minister Rob Ogilvie shared about our journey through 77 Days of Prayer and how that process led us to establish three ministry priorities as we look ahead to the coming years. These three tenets—Cultivating Leadership, Investing in Relationship, and Engaging in Mission—are not new ideas to the CBWC, but are meant to help us streamline our focus and give a clarified framework for discerning how to best steward our shared resources.

All three of these priorities strike a chord for us here at CBWC Church Planting, so Shannon and I wanted to share a bit over the coming articles about what they mean to us.

Cultivating Leadership, the first of the ministry tenets, will help us as a family of churches focus on fostering current and future generations of Canadian Baptists as leaders. This has long been a core priority of CBWC, expressed in various ways.

Recently, Shannon and I had the privilege of participating in Potential Impact, CBWC’s spiritual formation retreat for young leaders. Along with ourselves, Tammy Klassen, Sue Hunter, Larry Schram, Dennis Stone and others across the denomination poured loads of work hours into preparation for discipling this small group of young adults with big potential, in response to the CBWC’s commitment to raising up the next generation of leaders.


For me, spending three days worshipping with, praying for, listening to and teaching these 17-24-year-olds was one of the most rewarding and deeply spiritual experiences I’ve had in a while. God is speaking and is at work in our young people, and we need to celebrate! One of these young leaders shared that she not only is heading to college in the fall to train for future pastoral ministry, but is opting to use her servant heart in the present as well by spending her summer as a local missionary serving kids at camp.

Encouraging and investing in the young people, aka, potential leaders, in your church is discipleship.  We’ve been talking about discipleship that equips, develops, experiments with and launches disciples who make disciples, which is the early church method of church growth, cultivating leaders and church planting.

In what ways could you encourage the young people in your congregation to see themselves not only as the leaders of tomorrow but the church of today?



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