By Shannon Youell


God-With-Us.  Incarnated.  Spirit takes on flesh.  The Lord is born to earth.  Christ.

All the Christmas stories have now been re-told.  The waiting, the expectation has come.

As sure as the sun will rise in the sky each morning

As sure as the God-With-Us Son walks with us,

In the midst of human-living in dark places where grief, despair, desperation dwell

in hollowed hidden crevices,

Light has come to define these deepest sorrows to shadow

Only shadow

For on earth there is peace to all peoples

On whom God’s heart is resting.

The tender mercy of God

Filling the hungry with good things,

Lifting up the humble, the rejected, the excluded

Restoring to creation intention the God-With-Us

Glory of Created walking in the cool of the day with Creator

In Thy will on earth splendor

Christ the Savior present – With-Us – 

Guiding the weary to green pastures, quiet waters

Restoring souls, hearts, hope, joy

For on earth there is peace that God-With-us-Will-Never-Leave-Us


For darkness is but a shadow

Waiting for the light

Light of the world



Merry Christmas from CBWC Church Planting!

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