BELLS Video #2: EAT

As part of our series on Shared Practices, we’re sharing Mike Frost’s brief videos about the 5 Shared Practices that his missional community practices together: the BELLS method of Bless, Eat, Learn Jesus, Listen to the Spirit, Be Sent.

These videos are not meant to tell you how to do Shared Practices in your congregation, but rather show a great example of the kinds of simple missional habits that we as the embodiment of Christ on earth are to foster. Take 2 minutes to watch this video and consider your perspective on Frost’s second practice: Eat.

We encourage you to try out the practice yourself. Does it come naturally to you, or is it a stretch?

Think about examples of Jesus and the early church partaking in this practice. What might it look like today in your church family? How can the table be a mission zone in your home, your church facility, your neighbourhood? What are the road blocks, and what are the opportunities? Let us know what you think!

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