By:  Rev. Shannon Youell 

June 6-8 found CBWC’s Executive Staff back in Calgary to meet, fellowship with, and finally get to know 26 Ministers and 2 Administrative staff who are new(ish) to CBWC, since our last NMO was way back in 2019. It was so wonderful to be able to get to know one another and to share with these dedicated men and women, several who became staff in our CBWC church family during COVID.   

Each of the Executive Staff walked through ways that We Are Better Together and the plethora of resources, relationships, partnerships and encouragement that CBWC Staff bring to our local Churches and Ministry people.   

Monday afternoon and evening was a time for an overview of our CBWC Community, Identity, and Values, dinner together, some great fun games to get to know one another better and then a time of worship and prayer led by our Executive Staff Worship Team.   

Tuesday I opened with a reflection of What Matters Most both to remind us of always being rooted in what Matters Most to Jesus and as a foundation to form resiliency in ministry on. 

Presentations, talks, questions and interaction throughout the day found each of Executive Staff walking through our CBWC Ministry Priorities and all the ways we Cultivate Leadership, Invest in Relationships and Engage in Mission, including video introductions to other staff who are partners with CBM, The Justice and Mercy Network, CBWC Foundation and Carey. 

Church Planting is one of the ways we Engage in Mission with you. Setting the tone for my presentation, I quoted both Alan Hirsch, who says that we are not called to plant churches, but the Gospel, and  J.D. Payne who plainly writes, “The Bible doesn’t tell us to plant churches…it commands us to make disciples.” If you are a follower of this blog you probably have a fairly good idea of where that goes! 

We can get stuck in our particular ways of “doing” church, or “doing” discipleship and not consider or perhaps even realize that throughout history the missionary people of God shaped and reshaped how they did these things to effectively engage with the people to whom God has sent us. 

If your church sent a new minister to NMO this year, ask them what the Circuit Riders who roamed the Canadian countryside and Tesla tell us about “Planting the Gospel” in our land.   

Our group of New Ministers are inspiring, curious, engaged and love God and the world God so loves. They are also, like most of the rest of us, feeling the strains of ministering in our times. Take good care of them as they desire nothing more than to take good care of you!   

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