The COVID-Effect: Resources for Pastors

By Shannon Youell

We all need pastoral care; yet, often pastors tend to be giving of themselves caring for others but not as quick about receiving care.

During this unprecedented time of being separated from others, pastoral care of those in our church communities has increased many-fold.  And many of us are feeling the effects of caring for so many in uncertain times and ensuring we still have some form of gathering together for fellowship, for prayer, for teaching, for breaking of bread and for worship in our new virtual reality.

We’ve all had to be willing to pivot and change and accept those changes as good and profitable to our mission.  Our church planting communities face their own unique challenges as they are still establishing themselves and yet have been cut off from the very neighbourhoods they have been moving into with the presence of God.

I’ve spoken with many pastors and leaders, and am one myself, so I know how drained and emptied many of us are finding ourselves.

That’s why CBWC is bringing you this fantastic opportunity to walk through some of the ways we can find pathways to care for ourselves to increase our coping skills and resiliency:

covid effect pause.jpg

The COVID-Effect: Pastoring the Pastor

A 90-minute session supporting mental wellness for CBWC Pastors.

We would like to invite you to a 90-minute zoom session offered across all 4 provinces featuring local, faith-based psychologists and hosted by your CBWC Regional Minister. Come listen and then, via a facilitated Q & A, explore resources and coping tools for mental wellness offered specifically for you as you continue to live into your vocation of pastoral ministry during these extraordinary times.

This online event is free for CBWC Pastors. Please register to receive the zoom link to be a part of this important conversation in support of your well being.

Dates & Times

BC & Y | Wednesday July 15 | 9:30am PDT | Dr. Hillary McBride | REGISTER
AB & NWT | Tuesday July 14 | 3:00pm MST | REGISTER
SK/MB | Wednesday July 8 | 3:00pm SK/4:00pm MB | Dr. Todd Sellick | REGISTER

We do not know how long we will be in this fluid situation, but we do know that our family of faith will walk with us in love, in care and in support.

The Power of Working Together

The CBWC will be holding 8 Celebration Dinners across Western Canada so that we can come together as a church family to praise God for what he is doing in and through local churches.

Our theme this year is “The Power of Working Together”.   As the body of Christ, we can do more to serve God if local churches work together for His glory than if we each go our own way.

We are delighted that Dr. Gord King will be the keynote speaker at each of our Celebration Dinners.  Gord has served as a missionary in Africa, South America and Asia with CBM and has worked tirelessly to spread the gospel and make the world more just.  His keynote talks at last November’s Banff Pastors’ Conference were considered by many to be the highlight of the retreat.

Celebration Dinners have been scheduled for the following dates and locations so that they can be attended by as many people as possible from each region:

The meal is complimentary – but so that we know who is attending and have enough food, all guests must register to attend.  Register at, or you can also contact Heather Thomson for more information or to register

Easter Bunnies and thoughts about not separating Church and State

From the It Seemed Like A Good Idea At the Time Department: Sometimes people wonder where we come up with these wild Church Planting ideas, like the time we dreamed about what it would look like if our local municipal government (a Canadian invention) and our church plant were to partner together and help our community. We agreed to share facilities, equipment, resources and even hire a shared youth worker – and we even asked our denomination to invest in it as well – and they agreed (thank you CBWC).

We prayed, planned and put into action a shared series of sports camps, parades, special
cultural events and community outreaches open to and at no cost to the public, received
funding from the local government and our denomination, and everybody celebrated!!

There were the odd glitches but due to all of the excitement and good will everything went amazingly well – to God be the glory (with a few local politicians patting each other well deservedly on the back).

We were warned about differing agendas, strings being attached and hidden motives when it comes to Church and State partnerships. easter-eggs

Can churches and governments ever partner together? Locally, Provincially/State and Federally? Can we co-exist and even thrive in this ever-changing world? What has it looked like in your city? Community? What are some of the pitfalls or things for people to watch out for?

We had fun sneaking in the true story of Easter along with the Village Egg Hunt; we’d love to hear some of your stories (Good, Bad and Ugly).

In a day and age of community and relational breakdowns, addictions, abuse and
abandonment, crime and corruption, social injustice, refugees, human trafficking and
immigration issues, how can the Church and State relate? What do the new deals look like?

Here are some thoughts from Tyler Johnson and Jim Mullins entitled, “One Church’s Journey on Immigration.”


Tom Lavigne