How can I encourage and disciple my church to engage in joining God in His mission? What does evangelism look like in a post-covid, post-modern, divided, and polarized world – both in and outside the church? Can we actually get to know our neighbourhood and our neighbours? People haven’t come back to church – why? Where do we even begin to engage, understand, respond and be the salt and light in the world Jesus calls us to be?

There is so much uncertainty in our world today, yet so much opportunity. Churches and ministry teams are thinking hard about how-now do we engage both the people in our churches, and the Nones*, Dones*, and Ummmms*, in our very changed world. If you are uncertain or discouraged, or feeling like the giants in the land are too big to tackle and you know not what to do, then let us encourage you to take a look at these great Learning Cohort Opportunities to Re-orient around the Mission of God from Forge Canada, The Missional Network and The Centre for Missional Leadership. Both Cam from Forge Canada and Tim from the Centre for Missional Leadership were presenters at our CBWC initiative last year: Re-orient: The Church after Covid.

The Neighbourhood Project

There is no more business-as-usual for our churches. The Spirit of God is calling us to join Jesus in our neighbourhoods.

“The Neighbourhood Project is the place for you as a leader to be equipped in
forming a community of faith that is discerning God’s presence and joining
Jesus in the neighbourhood.”

Three of our CBWC churches participated in The Neighbourhood Project last year along with churches from several traditions.

The Leadership Project

The Leadership Project will help you step
into a different way of leading through learning new practices that connect
you with what the Spirit is already doing among your people.

Centre for Missional Leadership

This opportunity is most fruitful when taken together with a team from your church.

“Two CBWC churches were part of the first cohort. Here is the feedback of one of 8 participating leaders at Strathcona Baptist.”  

“My imagination got deeper and wider for possibilities for our own church.
The diversity of EXCELLENT speakers was a huge gift to the time! How encouraging to
hear from such a diverse group of people on these different topics. I was quite blown
away each time at the quality and thoughtfulness of the speakers. The homework assignments and prompts to talk to my neighbours were impactful. It was

so good to hear perspectives on our church from people outside the church!”

Engaging Mission with Coaching and Cohort Opportunities

Wow! Fall is looming up before us already and most of us are making plans for how we can be salt and light, the Church, in our neighbourhoods in this next season, whatever it may hold for us in the ongoing changing landscape of life disrupted by a pandemic and other world events!

It also means deadlines for engaging in some of the amazing opportunities and pathways available to you and which you can read more details about HERE including the contacts for registration.

This past year (September through March) two of our CBWC churches participated in the Year One Course From the Centre for Leadership Development – “Forming and Reforming Communities of Christ in a Secular Age. One of those churches was where I attend. Five of our leadership team took part in reimagining engaging in mission right in our own area. This has benefited us greatly in understanding together how we can move deeper in shared practices within our church community and engage more relevantly and meaningfully by discovering where God is already at work bringing his presence, his shalom, into our neighbourhoods. The good work we did in that course and the consultation with Tim for our whole Leadership Team (board, elders, staff) is now being fleshed out with a larger group of our folk as we endeavor to discern together how God is forming and reshaping us to engage in his mission. Registration is open now for a mid-September start!

More than a decade ago when I was an Associate Pastor at another church, I brought some our leaders to an event brought to Victoria from The Forge Missional Network and facilitated by our own Cam Roxburgh (who I did not know back then). This opportunity was sponsored by our City-Wide Ministerial, and leaders from a wide range of churches and denominations in Victoria attended this workshop/course Friday and Saturday. It changed and began to reshape my understanding of evangelism, discipleship and mission, and gave words to what had been a growing passion in myself and the leaders who attended with me. Fast forward to today and we have The Discovery Project pathway to begin the conversation with your church and leaders. “Many leaders have gone through some missional training and are asking how they might help their people to “discover” some of the exciting opportunities presented to us as followers of Jesus in these difficult days.  The Discovery Project is one response to this question.”  Registration for this pathway is flexible as is church specific but don’t delay as space fills up!

For our churches who are already exploring what it means to be the Church in our day as missional engaged people, The Neighbourhood Project is here to help! This pathway brings together cohorts of groups to explore, equip and implement what the Spirit is leading them to. This pathway is filling up so fast, its now added a second and likely a third cohort and there is still some room so don’t delay!

Again, you can access more information and contacts for registration HERE

Don’t miss out on these great opportunities as we all desire to participate in the advancing of God’s kingdom here on earth!

Teaching and Training

By Shannon Youell

“You have to invest time, energy, and money into training [your people] as leaders so you are truly multiplying the life of Christ in your ministry… (this was) one of the biggest ministry shifts I had to make when I was learning to make disciples. I knew how to teach people, but I had to idea how to train people. They are very different skill sets.” Ben Sternke

As we continue in this series of posts to take a hard look at discipleship, we are being challenged to evaluate whether our method of making disciples is working for us (defined by disciples who are being transformed by the presence of Christ in their lives and living out the things Jesus taught in our world around us who can then reproduce themselves by making disciples who can then make disciples).

I am not suggesting we look with despair on how discipleship happens in our churches, but that we should honestly ask the hard questions: are we seeing disciple making that produces maturing believers on a transformational journey in the presence of Christ in their lives? Are these disciples increasingly living out all the things Jesus himself taught? Are they then able to reproduce themselves by making disciples?


Let’s look at what Ben Sternke has to say in the rest of his blog post that opened this post. Please don’t be distracted by the title; the article is not really about a celebrity trap–it’s more about understanding the posture of leadership in the disciple-making process. Oh, and note that this article is relevant to every person who is a follower of Jesus and who leads or is feeling tugged to lead. It is not specifically about church planters but in that category it is a great way to start a church!

Please dialogue with us on this disciple-making journey. Have you ever reached the point of releasing those you have been training? Do you agree in today’s world that “The kingdom of God is like a seed, not a building project?”


Free Workshop: A Day with Brad Brisco

As we at the CBWC work with you to grow your communities and witness people encountering Jesus, we want to bring you resources that will help frame our thinking about local mission and the tools to practice and disciple others.

Brad Brisco is offering a Mission Essentials clinic on October 12 in Leduc, AB, and October 13 in Surrey, BC.

We are so convinced that this workshop could be a game changer for your congregation that CBWC Church Planting is covering the cost for as many of you and your church folk and leaders to come as possible. Just register each attendee here.



Forge - BB - BC copy.jpg

Brad is an author, church planter, teacher and catalyzer. One of the gifts that he has brought to the church in the past few years is his ability to take deep theological truths and make them understandable for normal people who love Jesus. This day with Brad will help churches to chart a course of action for understanding the mission of God and then helping us imagine how God wants us to engage in our neighbourhoods. This workshop is for everyone who is a follower of Jesus.

Please, please, please make these two sessions a priority for your church’s members and leadership team, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at syouell@cbwc.ca.

Shannon Youell, CBWC Church Plant Coordinator

Carey Comes to You

Carey Institute BannerDid you know that the Carey Institute will design resource seminars specifically for your church and its context? Check out the seminars they have already developed, or contact Myrna Sears at msears@carey-edu.ca or carey-edu.ca/institute to discuss your ideas for encouraging and equipping God’s people in your area. There are lots of great training opportunities taking place in Calgary, Vancouver or online with the Carey Institute this fall. Sign up today!

Sept. 19 Carey On The Road: Introduction to World Religions – Irving Hexham @ First Baptist Church Calgary

Oct. 3 Transitions of Life – Paul Pearce @ First Baptist Church Vancouver

Oct. 5-7 Introduction to Preaching (Credit & Audit- MDiv)

Oct. 24 Building Blocks for Faith-Based ESL Ministry – Carey

Oct. 28 WEDNESDAY: Complex Communities: Concepts and Tools for Better Conflict – Darren Hotte @ Carey

Oct. 31 Growing In Faith Through Worship – Carey

Nov. 2 Advent Video Series – Darrell Johnson Online

Nov. 14 Work Matters: Serving God and Neighbour Monday to Friday Paul Stevens @ Carey

Nov. 18 WEDNESDAY Preaching Workshop – Darrell Johnson @ Carey

Nov. 21 Discerning God’s Voice: Making Life Decisions With God – Rob Des Cotes @ Carey

Missional Training

Once in a while, we at CBWC Church Planting get to take part in learning opportunities with some of our Planters.

Hugh Halter shared recently at a Forge Canada workshop at Southside Community Church in Surrey, BC, with pastors and leaders from a variety of Lower Mainland Churches. The CBWC Church Planting ministry sponsored five people to share in the day.

Pastor/Evangelist/Author Hugh Halter lives in Denver with his wife, Cheryl, and his two daughters, Alli and McKenna. Hugh’s books include: The Tangible Kingdom, And – The Scattered And Gathered Church as well as his most recently published Sacrilege. He is the founder of Missio in Portland, OR, and is currently the lead pastor of Adullam (remember the caves where King David hung out…) in Denver, CO. He speaks extensively across the continent encouraging and equipping pastors in incarnational ministry and missional leadership.

Hugh’s topics of discussion included discipleship, leadership and living out missional community. Hugh’s relaxed yet passionate presentation style helped us to realize that behind the ecclesiology of Adullam community lies the heart of an evangelist with a firm grasp on his Christology.

We asked Hugh what he’s excited about these days. Here’s a short video:

You can read more about Adullam’s missional structure and vision on their website, or in any of Hugh’s books.