A Venture partnership is a ministry commitment between a planting partner (an existing church) and a new church venture.

For as little as $100/month, you can make a huge impact on a young church as it works towards Kingdom growth.

Here are some testimonials from Venture participants:

I’m thrilled to know that a Venture partner church is supporting our ministry through prayers and concrete resources. I thank my God for you because of your partnership in the gospel. I am grateful for you knowing that the  Lord who began this partnership will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. ~Hizon Cua, Church Planter, Vancouver

We at GCF are excited for the Venture partnership opportunities within CBWC.
Imagine what it would bring to relationships between church plants and partner churches. ~Cliff Gonzales, Church Planter, Calgary

Miyuki Taniguchi

Miyuki Taniguchi

We appreciate the generous help from the CBWC and Westview for their prayers and financial support. We can hardly express our gratitude to their generous help and various supports financially and spiritually. They just give, give and give without asking us returning back. They have shown us the true love of God by their sacrifices for our needs. Without their help and support, we could not have continued our ministry. All we can do for them is to pray for WBC to God who can bless them richly. ~Miyuki Taniguchi, Church Planter, Calgary

In return for the Venture commitment, the Partner Church can

  • Pray and participate in the joys, transformation and growth with the Church Plant.
  • Share in the excitement, energy and challenges of sponsoring a new church.
  • Commit to sharing people, space and resources with the Church Plant.
  • Receive monthly and annual updates from the Church Plant.
  • Assist in short-term ministry opportunities with or for the Church Plant.
  • Meet with CBWC Director of Church Planting to review the partnership.
  • Celebrate in the Kingdom growth with the Church Plant and CBWC.

To participate in this shared journey of Kingdom work, contact Shannon Youell at syouell@cbwc. ca or 604.420.7646.


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