Course-correction around Consumerism

By Shannon Youell

“In our attempts to avoid catering to consumerism, we forgot to love consumers.”


The past two weeks we have been diving into the story and journey of Austin Stone Community Church, that tried and initially failed to reshape their church culture to a missional culture based on what the author calls “three cardinal sins.”

First: We Assumed the Gospel
Second: We Cast Vision without Practices

These are humble and transparent leaders, who share with us the places where they had to make course corrections so they could continue the hard work of changing their culture. Their experiences are timely wisdom for all of us who desire to see our worship communities become families of disciples who are missionaries in our own local places and spaces.

Their pain and insight and subsequent stories of how they corrected course and successfully engage as missional communities offers us great help and understanding in our own missional work in our own communities.

Here’s number three: We Didn’t Love Consumers


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